Dating/Romance Expert Samantha Phillips Available for Interviews/Appearances

 Sam (Samantha) Phillips is an expert on dating and romance and she’s available for Valentine’s Day related interviews. Her show “The Single Life” can be heard Wednesdays at 7-8 pm PT on Vivid Radio SiriusXM Radio channel 102.

Sam is a former Penthouse Pet centerfold model who starred in Showtime’s Hot Springs Hotel. She has a loyal following a fans who enjoy her take on all aspects of how to succeed in love. She’s been co-host of the national syndicated daytime talk show Men are from Mars…Women are from Venus; a guest on programs such as Dr. Drew’s On Call, Entertainment Tonight and many other shows.

Some of the topics Sam can cover include:

* Which are the best matchmaking sites?
*What’s the best way to start a conversation?
*Traits most successful relationships have in common;
*The things men and women do that can turn a relationship sour; 
*How to get more sexually compatible;
*Eventually there’s a fight -- how to make up and really mean it; 
*What should you reveal at the start of a relationship to help it run smoothly?
*How to end a relationship gracefully;
*How to talk to each other about that annoying habit;
*Or…pick any subject you want—Sam is up for it!

Sam has lots of helpful opinions on dating, romance and what makes up a successful relationship and she will share them candidly.

Please let me know if we can book an interview with Sam for you.

Jackie Martin