It's Time for Farrah Abraham to Put Her Money Where Her ... Well, Mouth Is ~ FishWrapper



It's better than any other orifices Farrah Abraham might consider stuffing her currency in for the camera -- but at any rate, this is big, big news, guys: Farrah Abraham was just offered $1 MILLION DOLLARS to take a polygraph test producing positive results that her allegations that she was raped and drugged during her promotional tour for her first sex tape, "Back Door Teen Mom" were true, and if you've read any of the recent stuff we've written about her, then you know her chances of passing just might not be very good.

We caught up with Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch outside of his office in Los Angeles this morning, and the offer he tabled to Farrah Abraham -- as well as what he said to our cameramen -- will leave you astonished.

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