MAJOR COVERAGE OF FARRAH’S SECOND MOVIE – The online release this week of Farrah 2: Backdoor and More shows why Farrah Abraham was the most Googled Reality Star of 2013. The media paid close attention to the new release of the movie starring MTV’s most provocative Teen Mom in non-stop sexual performances with James Deen. It shows her wild exuberance in every scene in the movie. She uses three different fantasy fetish swings as foreplay, showing off her perfect body before an athletic round of amazing sex with her co-star James Deen. The DrunkenStepfather story was blunt: “love her or hate her and everything her not so wholesome nymphomaniac publicity seeking ass is all about…I get to see her publicity seeking ass getting f*cked. It shows the world the kind of girl she is…now that we’ve already seen her backdoored and squirting…very little is left….but apparently there’s more…because she’s got all the f*cking moves and she fucking loves it….but not nearly as much as I do,” The Perez Hilton story appeared under the headline: EXCLUSIVE! Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Goes Full-On Fifty Shades In "Sex Tape" Sequel!  Perez recommended the new movie and reported: Farrah Abraham shocked fans with her ‘amateur sex tape’ last year. Well this time the pretense is off- along with everything else in the sequel Farrah 2: Backdoor and More! The Teen Mom star is on full swinging display with her repeat co-star James Deen-- guess his peen wasn't too small after all?”

GossipCop summarized the most recent news stories involving Farrah succinctly:”Farrah Abraham has a new porn video called Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, as Gossip Cop reported last week. It is now out. The development is newsworthy since the former ‘Teen Mom’ star recently claimed her original sex tape with porn performer James Deen “ruined my life.”  That followed months of conflicting behavior — Abraham celebrated her birthday at an adult entertainment expo, told Howard Stern that she used her video to masturbate, got a boob job, showed off her new breasts at a pool party, did a topless photo shoot, and gave lap dances at a strip club. Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Abraham and Deen are together again — in footage featuring a sex swing and acts we probably can’t describe here.

Abraham’s previous sex romp made her one of the most searched-for celebrities of 2013, and this new video is going to make more headlines. Gossip Cop will NOT be posting content from Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. If you’re so inclined, there are explicit, NSFW images of Farrah Abraham sex on If that’s not sufficient, there is an explicit, NSFW video trailer of Farrah Abraham sex also. Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!”

WebProNews reported: “Farrah Abraham may have said recently that the release of her “sex tape” ruined her life, but that didn’t keep her from filming another one and signing off on a line of sex toys that bear her name.” Hollywood Life’s opening paragraph said: “Farrah Abraham’s second sex tape has been released, but the ‘Couples Therapy’ star is now saying that she always wanted to stay a virgin until marriage. So instead of promoting her second venture into porn, she’s vowing to give up sex until she gets married.” Of the new movie, Hollywood Life added: “It’s Farrah as you’ve never seen her before in a new trailer for her raunchy porn video ’Farrah 2: Backdoor & More’, due out on Feb 12."  The no-holds-barred headline on the KDramaStars story headline read: “Jenelle Evans Calls Farrah Abraham 'A Prostitute That Sucks D*ck For Crack' Teen Mom And Couples Therapy Star Twitter War Continues.”

 XCRITIC LANDS VIVID RADIO SHOW – Leading adult site, announced this week that it now has a regular weekly segment on Vivid Radio. Says XCritic: “Catch XCritic reviewer Bobby Blake every Tuesday night at 7 pm ET on Ashley Blue's popular Blue Movies radio show (SiriusXM Chanel 102). This week Bobby Blake will be talking about Mike Andriano's Big Anal Booties #2. This new release from Evil Angel features Phoenix Marie, Laela Pryce, Kaylynn, Joslyn James and of course Mike Adriano.”

 AUSTIN POWERS XXX RELEASE IN THE NEWS – Vivid released Austin Powers XXX: A Porn Parody this week on It will be in stores nationwide on Feb. 25. Among the sites welcoming the new movie was Comics for Sinners, which wrote: The accent in the Vivid parody of a parody is definitely on the shaggier, erotic and, of course, funnier side of Powers.” Directed by B. Skow, the new screenplay offers a comical tale with sizzling erotic scenes. The movie stars Allie Haze as a sexy model Fembot, Nina Hartley as Frau Undawaren, Raylene as Mrs. Vanessa Kensington, Tommy Pistol in the dual roles of Austin Powers/Dr. Evil, Jerry as Leopold Horkenfish and Evan Stone as Fembot. An original storyline for Vivid’s international man of mystery spoof takes place at the height of the swinging 60s and advances three decades.  There’s an ongoing wicked and ridiculous battle between Powers and Dr. Evil with new twists, turns and sexy adventures that involve the beautiful young agent Vanessa Kensington.
DISCLAIMER:  AUSTIN POWERS XXX: A PORN PARODY IS A PARODY MOVIE. The parody movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with New Line Productions (or their parent companies, partners or affiliates), Mike Myers or any other entity owning the rights to the characters parodied therein or the work being parodied.

  OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW FEATURES  VIVID CABARET NYC GIRL - "Opie and Anthony," often called the "bad boys" of radio for their uncensored Sirius/XM morning drive show, had lively on-air session last week with Mary Jean, a waitress at Vivid Cabaret NYC. Mary Jean revealed that she’s also a nude model, and sometime porn star. On the show, she played a game for cash and prizes where she had to dance for some wacky contestants and play "Naked Twister." Everyone had a lot of fun. And at the end of her segment she plugged Vivid Cabaret NYC and gave out some Vivid Cabaret NYC logo hats and tee-shirts to the staff. Assorted photos of the radio crew wearing Vivid merchandise are popping up on Twitter and Opie and Anthony fan sites. 
Also last week, The New York Daily News Sunday edition carried a photo of Ash Hollywood at Vivid Cabaret NYC, carrying an NFL football, just before the Super Bowl game. She was named “the most valuable porn star.”

 SAM PHILLIPS MAKES WHIRLWIND MEDIA APPEARANCES FOR VALENTINE’S DAY – Vivid Radio’s relationship expert Sam Phillips was on numerous radio shows, websites during Valentine’s Day week. You could hear her on the Legends Radio Show, Phil Hulett and Friends, KFNS in St. Louis, WOCM in Maryland, Creedence & Bishop, Tony Batman, and Asked if men and women can ever really get along, she told ShortandSweet interviewer Ralph Greco: “I believe in the Men are from Mars…. and Women are from Venus theory. It’s not a gay/straight thing. It’s a men/women thing. We are completely different on every level. Women want men to listen to them, men just want to fix the problem so the woman stops talking. There are common problems we all eventually deal with in relationships, young and old, whatever your sex or sex preference. Distrust. Disloyalty. Cheating. Abuse. Feeling alone. Not having your boundaries respected. Not being sexually compatible with your mate. Not getting the emotional support you need. Not growing together, but growing apart.”
A former Penthouse Pet centerfold model who starred in Showtime’s Hot Springs Hotel, Sam has a loyal following of fans who enjoy her take on all aspects of how to succeed in love. Sam has been the co-host of the national syndicated daytime talk show Men are from Mars…Women are from Venus; a guest on programs such as Dr. Drew’s On Call, Entertainment Tonight and can presently be heard on her show “The Single Life” Wednesdays at 7-8 pm PT on Vivid Radio SiriusXM radio channel 102.