VIVID TELLS FARRAH TO ‘CEASE & DESIST’ TELLING LIES – Last week Vivid chief Steven Hirsch offered Farrah Abraham $1 million if she could pass a lie detector test regarding her allegations that she was drugged and raped during a movie tour. Farrah did not accept the challenge. This week, Steven sent her a formal cease and desist letter. News of the letter was first broken by reporter Sarah Taylor on Friday morning under the headline “Doesn't Look Like Farrah Abraham Has Anyone in Her Corner Anymore.” Here’s her story: “Farrah Abraham just keeps shooting herself in her foot with that big mouth of hers, but at this rate, if she keeps going, it's going to land her in some serious hot (legal) water, and wouldn't it be so, so nice if Farrah weren't legally able to, you know, talk ever again?  Farrah Abraham is still slamming the porn industry -- you know, the industry that basically perpetuated her fame post ‘Teen Mom’ -- and Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch is not about to take it laying down: he sent a cease and desist letter to Farrah, essentially prohibiting her from continuing to slam and hurl accusatory allegations about rape and drugs for the purpose of interviews and fame and ‘Couples Therapy.’ If Farrah's smart -- and you know how we all have our doubts about that one, friends -- then she's going to back off and lock up her drooling trap. If not? Well. It'd appear that things are gonna get real interesting around these here parts. Further, Steve adds, ‘Farrah thinks she can insult and defame the Vivid brand and get away with it. Either she stops now or we will take immediate legal action. She will be held accountable.’ Stay tuned, because it's about to get ugly (er. Uglier).” 

 MEANWHILE, FARRAH 2 GETTING POSITIVE REVIEWS – The reviews are beginning to come in on Farrah 2: Backdoor and More. reporter Ralph Greco wrote: “the long-limbed enthusiastic lady is back in all her glory, seemingly doing what she does best, in her second Vivid release…Argue her talents though you might there is certainly no denying that Farrah takes to being filled in a particular way very well indeed. As Vivid’s CEO Steven Hirsch reminds us about Farrah Abraham: ‘She repeatedly tells the media she’s not a porn star, but she sure acts like one both on and off the screen.’ I’d have to agree, the lady seems to be tops using her bottom in Farrah 2: Backdoor and More.” And Roger Pipes of RogReviews gave the movie 10 out of 12 possible stars, writing: “This second sex tape consists of a totally new scene with her friend James Deen. She looks as good as she did the first time around and seems just as eager to please cock. She’s a backdoor princess for sure.” XCritic says the movie is “as good as you will find in the sex tape genre,” Christina of AIPDaily wrote why she personally does not like Farrah, but “with all that being said I will have to give this outing 4 out of 5.”
EVEN FARRAH’S UNDERWEAR MAKES NEWS – reporter Sarah Taylor had another scoop last week, reporting under the headline: “Farrah Abraham is a Poor Mother and Nobody Wants Her Dirty Lingerie” Taylor wrote: “Vivid is putting Farrah's former lingerie up for sale on eBay, and it's because they have a brain, and don't want anything Farrah-related hanging around their warehouses. From Vivid's CEO, Steve Hirsch: ‘Farrah is toxic.  We don't want this anywhere near the office so we decided to get rid of it as soon as possible.’ Can't say I blame you, Steve. The thing is probably haunted with the ghosts of a thousand broken dreams and ... well, gross things. Lots and lots of gross, not-completely-dead things. Good luck, y'all!”  

 VIVID CABARET OSCAR PREDICTIONS MAKE NEWS – Vivid Cabaret NYC made the news with Oscar predictions, with the added twist of revealing which performers would make the hottest celebrity sex tape. Ashley Burns of reported: “With the 86th Academy Awards ceremony just four days away, everyone from your mother to your mother’s OB-GYN has an opinion … it’s safe to say that this may be the most hotly-contested Oscars event in the history of everything ever made…if you’d rather read the only Oscar picks that will matter this year, I’ve got you covered as always. My good friends at Vivid Cabaret in New York (probably NSFW) reached out to let me know that some of Vivid’s best adult film personalities were ready to weigh in with their own picks, and of course I dropped everything to help spread the word of the women who will star at the bachelor parties for my first through third marriages.” Among the Uproxx guesses: Vivid Radio host Ash Hollywood of “Tap that Ash” predicted that the Best Picture Oscar would go to Gravity while both Brandy Aniston of “In with Aniston” and Kendall Karson of “Deep Penetration: Kendall Karson” say Best Picture will be The Wolf of Wall Street and Best Actor will be Matthew McConaughey. As Time’s “Newsfeed” reporter Kate Knibbs wrote: “As the Oscars approach, people are wondering who will take home Hollywood’s most recognizable phallic symbol. One place to find the answer is TIME’s film critic extraordinaire Richard Corliss. Or you could ask a bunch of porn stars.”

Meanwhile, Vivid Radio hosts Ash Hollywood, Brandy Aniston and Kendall Karson made headlines around the Web with a different kind of Oscar prediction—for stars they’d most enjoy shooting a celebrity sex tape with. For boy/girl scenes the most votes for Best Actor winner went to Leonardo DiCaprio with Matthew McConaughey coming in second and Bruce Dern and Christian Bale in a tie for third place. There was a tie for first place in the  girl/girl category between Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams; Meryl Streep was the runner up. “It’s exciting to fantasize about the possibilities,” said Ash Hollywood in a press release.  “Personally, I think it would be great to work with any of these superstars at any time. I hope the TV viewing audience imagines what they would look like naked on Oscar night – just like I’ll be doing.”

 THE CROWDS CAME OUT FOR SAMANTHA PHILLIPS’ BIRTHDAY BASH - Samantha (Sam) Phillips, host of The Single Life on Vivid Radio and former Penthouse Pet celebrated her birthday with an open-to-the-public bash at Vivid Cabaret LA on Tuesday. Said Sam just before the event: “I’m throwing a big-ass 48th birthday bash for myself at Vivid Cabaret LA. I’m also gonna do a little strip… Not fully naked (I am gonna be 48 after all.) but enough to get the crowd going.” Sam also did her Single Life show from the club. The gorgeous brunette radio host -- who starred in Showtime’s Hot Springs Hotel and has been a frequent guest on such programs as Dr. Drew’s On Call, Entertainment Tonight and many others -- is an expert on romance and dating. She was joined during the event by numerous porn stars and Vivid Radio co-host friends, including Kendall Karson, Aiden Starr, Debi Diamond, Tori Welles, Ron Jeremy, Erica McLean, Nick Manning, Mia Isabella Aaliyah Love and many more.