MAN WANTS VIVID TO BUY KRIS JENNER SEX TAPE FOR $1 MILLION – RadarOnline got the gossip sites humming this week with a story that began with this headline: “More Torment For Kris Jenner: Man Behind ‘Extortion Plot’ Over Purported Sex Tape Claims He Plans To Sell ‘Million Dollar’ Video To Vivid.” The staff-written article said, “The man who claims to be in possession of a purported sex tape of Kris Jenner has come forward to sensationally claim he wants to sell it to the same production company that released her daughter’s XXX video. The individual, who identified himself as ‘Troy,’ told he intended on contacting Vivid Entertainment – the porn studio behind Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham’s sex tapes — and wanted more than one million dollars to sell the rights… When asked why he had not yet offered proof of the tape‘s existence, which he said was filmed at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Troy said: ‘I am not (making it up)… I have the sex tape on my hard drive. It goes for a high price. I just can’t release a sex tape. It is a million dollar sex tape.’” RadarOnline also reported that the individual has confirmed “he has bombarded Jenner with ‘hundreds’ of phone calls but insisted it was NOT harassment. ‘That is absolutely true, yes I have,’ the man said. ‘She knew about this sex tape and did not want it out,’ …The man also categorically denied he was guilty of extortion.” Other sites that picked up on the RadarOnline story included TheHollywoodGossip, which carried the story under the headline: “Kris Jenner Sex Tape Owner Wants $1 Million From Vivid, Denies Extortion of Kardashian Momager…Vivid, of course, is the company who brought you the Kim Kardashian sex tape, Paris Hilton sex tape and Farrah Abraham sex tape, among others ...” Asked to comment on the alleged tape and Troy’s offer, Vivid has said it has not heard from anyone and has declined further comment.

 ‘OUCH’ FEATURES MONIQUE ALEXANDER – Vivid Radio host Monique Alexander was featured in this month’s “Ouch” page of Steppin’ Out Magazine. She revealed that she has a secret crush on NFL star Eric Decker, but admitted “I will never have a chance with because he’s married….with that said I’ve been crushing on Mr. Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco…He’s an incredible football player.” Monique also put in a pitch for Vivid Cabaret NYC, noting, “I was there for the opening and plan to be visiting there frequently. You can also hear me every Monday on Vivid Radio Sirius XM Channel 102.

 MARY CAREY INTERVIEW FEATURES VIVID RADIO – The popular website ShortandSweetNYC profiled Mary Carey this week and prominently mentioned her Vivid Radio show. Ralph Greco reported in “The Sex Files” he had “the chance to speak with darling busty blonde self proclaimed chatterbox adult star and radio host, Mary Carey this week. Mary hosts a show, “The Mary Carey Happy Hour” on SiriusXM on Vivid Radio. You might remember her as the ex ballerina/adult star on the premier season of Celebrity Rehab, have heard her maybe on Howard Stern countless times, caught a Cinemax movie or two she’s been in (or her older porn stuff) or even saw Mary running for governor of California. The bright and super positive lady and I had great quick chat.” Mary said, “I love doing my ‘Happy Hour’ show on Vivid SiriusXM. I want listeners to imagine having a drink with the sexy girls I have in the studio. I want to make it fun, I am a party girl really and a positive fun person. We have segments like ‘What Are You Wearing’ where I ask the girls I am interviewing to describe their outfits, we take call-in sex surveys and there is always a sexy toast.” Greco wound up the interview by writing: “To hear a sample of Mary’s show (and the rest of the great Vivid Radio offering) go to then subscribe to SiriusXM and tune into channel 102 to hear it all as often as you like.”

 TMZ ASKS IF “KARDASHIANS ARE STILL PISSED” ABOUT KIM’S SEX TAPE – TMZ-TV reported this week about the Kardashian clan’s continuing annoyance about the famous Kim Kardashian Superstar video and its aftermath. The headline on the story read: “Khloe K: Ray J’s Dong is No Laughing Matter.” An accompanying video promotion placard asked: “The Kardashians Are Still Pissed About Kim’s Sex Tape? Get Ready!” and a brief item on the web page said, “Khloe Kardashian's all bent over Ray J's penis and the fact it dared to star in a Kim K. sex tape spoof with Joan Rivers - and now KK's getting revenge ... by pulling out on Joan. Insert penis vagina joke here.”