HIGH ANTICIPATION FOR NEW PHIL VARONE SWINGERS MOVIE – There was lots of media coverage when Vivid announced the release this week of Phil Varone’s latest movie, 100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory . ShortAndSweetNYC reporter Ralph Greco gave his readers a heads up, writing in his Sex Files column, “Ok, in the ‘adult’ business it’s not exactly a man’s world, but here are some things happening from some very happening guys in the business. I thought the news below was worth mentioning, so read on…rock drummer/porn star-director Phil Varone, (who I spoke to for The Sex Files here) is a busy ‘swinging’ guy. His new movie from 100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory continues Varone’s love of swingers and seeking them out. The movie peaks into the lives of 3 couples, plus one single lady and Varone as they all swing…(It’s) also the first time Varone has managed to capture glory hole action in any of his many swinger titles.” quotes Phil as saying: “Kentucky Old Glory is the epitome of what being in the swinging lifestyle is about. Great friends, great times and great respect for the lifestyle. We’re obviously having such a good time that we know that viewers will too.” The launch of the movie was also covered by AVN, and other sites.

 ASHLEY BLUE LOVIN’ IT ON VIVID RADIO --  Vivid Radio host Ashley Blue shares candidly about the adult business in a new interview on with Apache Warrior. Says Ashley, “My enthusiasm for the subject of porn movies is genuine and undying, which is why I felt like I was even worthy of having a spot on the Vivid Radio lineup. I collect and find porn (DVDs) to be fascinating, shocking, impressive, hilarious and incredibly interesting. I love being able to share what I see with more people. The performers themselves are a hundred times more intriguing and I'm eager to learn more about them as I get to interview them. Our industry is full of stories that need to be told. My purpose is to tell these stories to our listeners, leading by example, so that everyone listening will feel inspired to share too.” She recounts her own history as an adult performer, then gets down to some highly personal subjects: “I cook as a hobby. I draw and paint. I read magazines and books and worship my cat. I go out to concerts and dinners with my husband. I collect porn DVDs and rifle through them like Halloween candy. I love my city, Los Angeles, and frequent art museums and food events here. I rarely go out of the thirty mile zone.” She ends the interview by saying, “All I want is for everyone to listen to my show on Vivid Radio Sirius/XM 102. Blue Movies airs live Thursdays, 1pm West/ 4pm East. You can also get it On Demand on Sirius/XM.”

 VIVIDTV’S TONY COCHI SEES LONGER TV VIEWING TIMES – VividTV Executive Vice President Tony Cochi served on a diverse panel of top programming executives at the On Demand Summit in New York City last month. They discussed the changing landscape of consumer engagement with content. A summary of the panel discussion in MultiChannel News noted that viewers of adult entertainment tend to have longer attention spans than those who watch non-adult programming, Tony was quoted as follows: “When we analyze the results of our movies, we’re seeing 30+ minutes viewing on each film. It’s an interesting dynamic…The adult marketplace has shifted. Women have embraced adult content. On our site, over 30% of our subscribers are women. Couple viewing on VOD will be longer than a single male watching on the Internet.” 

ENSTARZ SAYS MIMI KICKS NIKKO OUT – Last week Mimi Faust was in the news when she denied that she and Nikko Smith are engaged. The star of the Vivid movie Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta was back in the news this week when reported that she and Nikko have split. Reporter Char Little wrote: “From Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith to Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couples were on top of the world when the current season kicked off, but a trailer for the new episode set to air Monday June 16 shows all of that will change quickly. Viewers saw Faust get upset at Smith's attitude toward their sex tape and his consistent actions toward capitalizing on it as much as possible. In the upcoming episode she'll ask him what everyone already assumes: whether he is the one who leaked the tape. Whatever the answer, she ended up telling him that they needed some time apart.”


 STEVEN QUOTED IN STORY ABOUT A POSSIBLE JOSELINE HERNANDEZ SEX TAPE – Vivid has been mentioned in connection with sex tape featuring Joseline Hernandez (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star) with two other people. According “While the full video has not yet leaked, MediaTakeOut is reporting that it’s even more graphic than Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith‘s, which earned $400,000 for Vivid Entertainment in pre-orders and is the most pirated sex tape of all time, according to TMZ! MediaTakeOut, the site that posted stills from Mimi's sex tape with Nikko, now has posted graphic stills from a video that features Joseline in some compromising positions with both men and women. According to the gossip site, the video shows a much younger Joseline in her stripper days at a bachelor party of sorts…We wonder if this was ‘leaked’ intentionally, or if Joseline is at all upset that this has been released! We also wonder if Vivid Entertainment would pick it up as they did with the earlier Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta sex tape! Steven Hirsch, Founder & CEO of Vivid Entertainment released the following statement about Joseline's sex tape: ‘We are always looking for great new sex tapes. We would definitely take a look at it, as our first Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta tape exceeded all expectations.’” The story and Steven’s quote also appeared in sites as far away as in Africa.

 FARRAH PRAISES ADULT SEX TAPES (AND MAYBE HER OWN) – According to the Huffington Post, Farrah Abraham thinks adult movies are great. The headline on a story this week said: “Farrah Abraham Will Make Your Head Hurt, Especially When She Talks About Her 'Sex Tape'” Farrah tells Huffington Post that her new trilogy of books includes references to sex tapes and says, "Yes, I had a sex tape, the book talks about sex tapes, but Fallon Opal (a character in the book) is way different. The story is way different." The Huffington Post says Opal may be “’way different’ than herself because the character doesn't have a child and didn't start out as a reality star.

Except she did: Fallon gets her start on reality television, a fact Abraham has seemingly forgotten about. Discrepancies like that might make it hard for some to believe that Abraham possesses the talent and creativity necessary to even craft a story that wasn't just a page ripped out of her own diary (with some names changed for legal reasons). She says otherwise. She's also of the opinion that the full-length, X-rated movie released by Vivid Entertainment isn't your regular run-of-the-mill porn movie. The crux of the disparity, it seems, is in how she defines a ‘celebrity sex tape’ and a commercial pornographic video. ‘I think people purposely don't know how to separate what a celebrity sex tape is and a regular porn. I mean, I have wonderful friends who are in the adult industry; they make porn for a living. That's what they always do. Like, payment is different. Like, living your life is different.

Taking care of yourself. Everything is different,’ she explained. What's more, Abraham said with a traditional porn movie, ‘many people won't ever see it, they won't ever know about it. But, for a celebrity sex tape, as we all are aware of, millions of people will watch it and you get way more [backlash]. And you are more known for it. And there is just a more compelling something.’ She continued: ‘A celebrity sex tape to me, outshines any other porn star, and any other person who makes porn. Lots of my friends make sex tapes. They can't say, 'Oh my God, I made a celebrity sex tape,' and nobody even knows about it. So there's a huge difference. And that's just what society made of it. It's not me, I don't make these definitions, it's just obvious.’" In follow-up coverage a RadarOnline headline made it clear that Farrah Abraham thinks her adult movie for Vivid was great: “My Sex Tape ‘Outshines Any Other Porn Star,’ XXX-’Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Declares.”

The story by Francesca Bacardi went on to say: “With a new book on the market, the former reality star took the time to talk about her new venture as a writer and her career in the adult entertainment industry with The Huffington Post. But according to Abraham, there’s a difference between a porn movie and a celebrity sex tape, and she wants you to know the difference…Abraham, 22, filmed Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom with porn star James Deen in 2013, but claims her video falls under the sex tape category even though she worked with a notable porn star. The former Teen Mom also believes that the type of work she participated in is ‘better’ than that of professionals. ‘A celebrity sex tape, to me, outshines any other porn star,’ Abraham said.”