VIVID RADIO GETS AN UNEXPECTED PLUG ON ‘THE TODAY SHOW’ -- To celebrate the launch of The Today Show’s debut this week on SiriusXM, the NBC show decided to surprise super fan Anita Friedman by sending an on-air team to her Long Island home to join her in her commute to New York City. The viewing audience watched while Ms. Friedman chatted with hosts during the drive, one of whom asked her: “When you get a little bored, what do you listen to?” To his surprise, Ms. Friedman replied: “102, the porn channel,” referring to the Vivid Radio channel. Joking as if he’d mis-heard, one of the show hosts back at the Rock Center Plaza asked: “The corn channel?” As all of them laughed, one host said, “I believe my heart stopped for a second.” But the host in the car corrected them, noting Mrs. Friedman said “porn and not corn.” 

DANA DEARMOND’S MOVE FROM BTS TO OUT FRONT WITH VIVID RADIO – Dana Dearmond is the latest Vivid Radio host to be interviewed by’s Apache
Warrior. In her interview she discloses that she got her start with Vivid Radio when Vivid scouts “saw me doing some work for Paul Fishbein’s Inside Adult in Vegas. I was doing BTS stuff and I guess they thought I was worth an audition, at least.” The result is her popular show, Dirty/Nerdy with Dana Dearmond. She also admits that her “career arc is backwards from the average porn star” since she began in BDSM and eventually migrated to mainstream adult. She also indicated a respect for her fans that appears to be mutual: “My fans are much more cute and personable than I am.  Or maybe it’s a tie.  One fan I remember meeting at AVN gave me a self-made glass pendant.  I was incredibly touched that she made this something special for me.  I wore it in a movie to show it to the world.” Asked what makes people sexy, Dana responded: “A man? Confidence, sense of humor, hygiene, and physical appearance. It all goes into a math equation. If you average out to over a 86 you are sexy.  For a woman?  Same thing, but butts matter as well.”

‘VIVID RAW’ NOTED IN ANME PREVIEW – reporter Bob Johnson gave a preview of the ANME Founders Show coming up July 12-14 at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank. In it he mentioned a new sex toy product line from Vivid: “Another giant, California Exotic Novelties is presenting its Vivid Raw Collection in association with Vivid Entertainment. The pinnacle product is the Super Model doll that’s 100-percent fully molded and lifelike. Cal Exotics’ President Susan Colvin said, ‘The user can really feel the difference. Inner inflation means they control how firm or soft she is. Attendees of the show will be able to see her first-hand along with the other 33 exciting products in the Vivid Raw Collection. Plus there will be a broadcast of Vivid Radio on SiriusXM from the CalExotics’ booth. It’s going to be a great time.’” Christy Canyon and Monique Alexander will be the Vivid Radio hosts at ANME.

 STAR WARS XXX GETS CRAVEONLINE SHOUTOUT – had a story this week speculating that Rian Johnson will write and direct Star Wars VII. The piece also had a sly mention of Vivid’s Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody. In its article about Johnson, CraveOnline reported: “Rian Johnson, the director of the acclaimed murder mystery Brick and the sci-fi thriller Looper, has been tapped to write and direct Star Wars: Episode VIII, provide a treatment for Star Wars: Episode IX, and ‘possibly’ direct the final film in the third official trilogy as well. The story was confirmed today by both Deadline and The Wrap, which both agreed that Rian Johnson would provide the treatment for the ninth installment of Star Wars, but only Deadline claims that the intention – though unofficial – is for Johnson to helm that installment as well. Normally we'd say it's too soon to tell, but with the way Disney is offering press releases about which talented directors they've hired to take over this series, it seems more than likely that we'll be hearing Johnson will direct Episode IX and possibly Episodes X through XXX in the next couple of weeks. Oh wait, they already made Star Wars XXX never mind.”