TMZ SAYS “CHRIST BEARER’ JOHNSON WANTS TO STAR IN A VIVID MOVIE – says  Wu Tang affiliated rapper Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson – the rapper who chopped off his own penis – wants to star in a Vivid movie to prove he’s still capable of sex. The TMZ story said: “Christ Bearer - the rapper who chopped off his own penis - says his man junk is still fully functional and he wants to prove it ... by starring in a PORNO FILM!!  A very fired up Bearer was out in front his barber shop in Long Beach yesterday - and told TMZ how his genitals recovered from the self-inflicted butchering back in April.  TMZ: Does it work?  Bearer: ‘Does it work?!? Can Chris Brown dance? Can Kanye West rant? Can Jay Z fight off a trick?’  The video is insane - Bearer explains WHY he took a knife to his dong (hint: drugs) ... and makes his plea to Vivid to show off his member in an X-flick. And get this ... Christ Bearer may get his porno wish - we spoke to Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch who tells us he's definitely interested ... but wants to check out the goods before he makes an offer.  Stay tuned ... “   

 XCRITIC INTERVIEWS VIVID RADIO’S JOANNA ANGEL -- The latest in the interviews with Vivid Radio hosts is with Joanna Angel. Writer Apache Warrior says “a major reason why Joanna Angel has had a successful career in the adult industry is her originality. She never went the route in being one of those glamour girls even though her good looks could have taken her there. This lady always wanted to be herself on film. Thus, her alternative punk rocker look and image remained.” In the interview Joanna says: “When I first heard about Vivid Radio I emailed a few people over there to ask about having a radio show. They had recently just hired so many hosts I was a little too late to apply for the job! However, I was told that if my fans rallied for me they would give me a show. Christy Canyon announced on her radio show that if 10,000 fans spoke up and said they wanted me to have a show, I would get one. Over a few days a combination of re-tweets, emails, phone calls, and hashtags is what got me a show! It was truly a rewarding feeling and I look forward to doing my show every week.”  

  VIVID CABARET NEW YORK OPENING STILL GETTING HEADLINES – Vivid Cabaret NYC opened several months ago, but the launch of the popular club in Midtown Manhattan is still attracting media attention. GuysGabAfterDark posted a lavishly illustrated story this week about the opening, noting that Vivid adult movie stars Tera Patrick, Brandy Aniston, Monique Alexander, Kendall Karson and Ash Hollywood visited and used the occasion of the launch to broadcast from the three-story club’s Vivid Radio studio. The site noted that “the Vivid film stars can be heard on  or SiriusXM and added with over 100 dancers, the city’s tallest stripper pole, sleek amenities including the first of its kind ‘VIP Ultra Lounge,’ and high-tech sound and lighting, Vivid Cabaret NYC has quickly become New York’s must-see strip club. The five visiting Vivid Entertainment actresses made quite an impression on the club’s dancers: ‘Brandy is so sexy and down to earth,’ said Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Emma. ‘I can’t wait to watch her movies.’  

 ‘I’m so excited,’ cooed Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Paige. ‘I got to sneak a feel of Monique’s butt. She’s got such an amazing body.’ ‘I’m in love with Ash Hollywood,’ gushed Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl April. 

REDDIT AND WETPAINT QUOTE JAMES DEEN ON FARRAH’S CAREER STATUS – The headline on the website this week was to the point:  “James Deen on Farrah Abraham: ‘She Qualifies as a Professional Porn Star.’" The source for the Wetpaint story was an interview with IAMA and included these paragraphs:  ”The time has come to cast your mind back to the day you first watched Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom — aka the most traumatizing day of your life. In the event that you've blocked it out, Farrah Abraham hired porn legend James Deen to film what she claims was a sex tape and what he claims is a straight-up porn. James has been relatively quiet about the incident since Farrah insulted his man parts (we believe her exact quote was ‘his penis is small’), but everyone's favorite long-suffering hipster sex star broke his silence during a recent Reddit AMA.” 

NICKI HUNTER ON CREDENCE & BISHOP RADIO SHOW – Brand new Vivid Radio host Nicki Hunter appeared last week on the Credence & Bishop radio show out of North Carolina. Credence noted that Nicki is “one of the most prolific and hard-working girls in the business.” She acknowledged the compliment and noted that she has “done everything…acting in over 2,000 films, directing, producing, lighting, set work, set design…you name it. I love it and I intend to stay in the business in one way, shape or form.”   Credence also noted her show on Thursdays (5-6pm PT) on