VIVID STARS HELP LAUNCH NEW ‘VIVID LIVE’ IN HOUSTON -  Vivid sent four gorgeous  performers to the July 17-19 grand opening of the new Vivid Live Men’s Club in Houston (at 2618 Winrock Blvd., just off Westheimer Rd. in the Briargrove area). Tera Patrick, acclaimed as one of the all time top stars in the industry, co-hosted the opening party with Vivid chief Steven Hirsch.  She was joined by stunning blonde Ash Hollywood, who hosts Tap that Ash  on, the SiriusXM app and channel 791; Kendall Karson, winner of the XBiz Award for Best Scene in a Parody for her role in Vivid’s Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody; and beautiful redhead Jayden Cole, the former Playboy model and Penthouse Pet of the Month who won Exotic Dancer Magazine’s Best Newcomer Feature Entertainer and Miss Exotic Dancer titles.  Ash, Kendall and Jayden danced each night and all of the stars welcomed guests, signed autographs and posed for snapshots.  In an interview during the opening ceremonies on, Ash told writer Chad Cooper that she was pleased to be back in Houston and particularly happy to help launch Vivid Live, where she said the Vivid performers were getting a “really positive reception” from Houston fans. Cooper said Ash was “one of our most fun and best interviews ever.” 

 VIVID “DEFINITELY INTERESTED” IN BEYONCÉ SEX TAPE -  The gossip sheets were buzzing this week about a purported new sex tape starring Beyoncé  and spouse Jay Z. In Touch Weekly magazine (August 4) said Beyoncé “flipped” over news of the tape, and Vivid was immediately asked about it.  The magazine wrote this week:  “If it’s for real, Steven Hirsch, founder of the adult film company Vivid Entertainment, tells In Touch that his company would be willing to shell out big bucks to get its hands on a copy. ‘Depending on the quality, length and steaminess of the sex, we might go as high as $2 million for it,’ he says. ‘We’re definitely interested.” 

 VIVID FEATURED IN VICE.COM ADULT SET DESIGN STORY – Writer Zach Sokol of popular website interviewed set designers Kylie Ireland and Andy Appleton for an article headlined “Meet the Married Couple That Designs Your Favorite Porn Parodies’ Sets.”   In his story, Sokol writes: “When we think about porn sets, we automatically picture white leather couches, nauseating pieces of art tacked up on the (also white) walls, and a stray shag carpet. A million porn clichés burn in our heads, revolving around aesthetic choices secondary to sex, but thanks to Vivid’s parody films and successful Vivid SuperXXXheroes imprint, the porn industry is undergoing a production design renaissance.  Most of Vivid’s farces are directed by modern day porn legend Axel Braun. In AVN award-winning pornos like Batman XXX and Star Wars XXX, which X-Critic called ‘The mother of all porn parodies,’ the performers f*ck and s*ck on sets that look like the bastard children of George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic…the budgets are bigger, the costumes often look like the superheroes they’re mimicking, and the sets are less janky than you’d expect.”  When asked what the hardest set was to design, Appleton said, “The Land Speeder [from Star Wars XXX] was the most complicated.”  Ireland explained why she and Appleton take so much time to make the sets look great: “People ask me, ‘Why do you do it?’ Like for Thor XXX, we had to make a big hole in the desert, a crater, for when he slams the hammer. It took a few days, and in the movie you see it for less than two seconds. Often we spend hours building things and they’re on screen for just a second, but it’s that moment like finishing the Cantina [in Star Wars XXX], and all the lighting guys have done their thing, and you walk behind the camera, and it looks like the Cantina—exactly like it. That’s why you do it.” 

 MEDIA COVERS LAUNCH OF X-MEN XXX - The adult and comics media kept up their pre-launch coverage of X-Men XXX, with links to the movie’s trailer and giveaway contests. was in the lead, with an item that began:  “Axel Braun's at it again with another superhero porn parody which appears more faithful to the comics than the studio developed mainstream adaptations. This time Braun tackles fan favorite comic, the X-Men and as the photos below prove, they certainly have put effort into the costumes.” wrote: “As ever, Braun seems to have captured the essence of the comic books in the way the official films would never dare to do (I mean, look at that Wolverine costume!).”  The movie launched online last week and will be in stores starting July 29th. 

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