PHIL VARONE’S ‘GROUPIES’ SERIES LAUNCHES - Phil Varone Groupies: The Music From Behind has launched online on www.vivid.com and will be in stores across the country on Sept. 9. The first of four movies in Varone’s new Groupies series was greeted with considerable media attention.  A lengthy AVN interview  with Varone began: “The Vivid director is back to his first passion: on stage with his band, and back stage with the groupies… One would expect that Varone will take a more central role in his new series, titled Groupies: The Music From Behind series (a sly takeoff on VH1’s Behind the Music series). Asked why he decided to revisit his original field of sexual conquest, Varone explained that it came about when he started touring again with Saigon Kick. Vivid Vice President Marci Hirsch, who is also a ‘big rock fan,’ suggested that his travels with the band would open up the possibility to capture some groupie sex on camera. Varone began by asking women who’d expressed an interest in hooking up whether they’d be amenable to doing so on camera—and the new series was born. (Click here for the press release on the new series).”  XBiz.com also carried a story on the launch, along with ShortandSweet,  GuysGabAfterDark.com, which included a trailer, and CarnalSkin.net, which used a trailer and a story with lavish photo illustration.  In the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, Robin Leach wrote:  “The Las Vegas-based musician estimates that he’s bedded more than 3,000 women and says he’s nowhere near stopping.
He told me: ‘Let’s face it, the three reasons why guys dream of being rock stars is for fame, fortune and women. The questions I get asked most often are how many girls have you had? How do you get different girls? Is it easy to get them? Can you tell us some stories?’ Now he’s filmed a series of four videos on tour stops: Phil Varone Groupies: The Music From Behind is the first, in which he answers all those questions and curiosities. The Vivid releases start selling in stores Sept. 9, but the first episode is available at Vivid.com now.”  ShortandSweet.com’s Raph Greco also interviewed Phil. Asked if he’s had any surprises while “auditioning” girls for the series, Phil replied: “They were all great ! In Groupies 2 coming out in December, I run into a beautiful black girl who is 19 and as naughty as it comes and also the super hot Kendra Lynn who is 20 and even naughtier. Sometimes it’s just good to be me. Ha!” 
Disclaimer:  Phil Varone Groupies: The Music from Behind is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Viacom International Inc., the VH1 show “Sex Rehab” a/k/a “Celebrity Sex Rehab.”

 XCRITIC.COM INTERVIEWS NICKI HUNTER – The latest in an on-going series of XCritic.com interviews with Vivid Radio hosts is with Nicki Hunter. Reporter Apache Warrior writes: “This talented adult radio personality knows how to keep her listeners' attention and get them calling in. Her new taboo themed program will expose their ‘forbidden’ fantasies and bring them out into the open. Since I love taboo material, Nicki's show ‘Mission Sex Possible’ is going to be a routine activity on Wednesdays for me. I may even call in and surprise her. You should too.”  Nicki told XCritic: ‘Vivid and I have had a long standing friendship and mutually beneficial working relationship for many years. The people at Vivid Radio are veterans in the adult radio world and are committed to bringing the sexiest radio to their listeners. I have had multiple shows in my previous years on various platforms, so when I expressed interest in joining the Vivid Radio lineup, we found something that would work for all of us. I'm now committed to Wednesdays at 5pm PST on www.vividradio.com, the SiriiusXM app and channel 791. I am overjoyed at returning to sexy radio. My show is about random topics that push the limits. It's called "Mission Sex Possible: The Hunter Zone" and I am Special Anal Agent Nicki Hunter. Together, my listeners and I will dive deep into what's sexy, taboo, and where only the sexually brave dare to tread. So far we have talked about the true love of the ass and anal play, the fantasy of playing with the step-relatives, the best tits that were ever born or created, and about sex in the back seat of the car... And getting caught! Anything goes...including virginities.’”  
JELENA JENSEN INTERVIEWED BY CRAVEONLINE – Hip website CraveOnline film channel editor William Bibbiani interviewed Vivid Radio host Jelena Jensen last week. The interview is now available as a podcast. Bibbiani called Jelena “lovely and talented” as he introduced her as the star of numerous adult films and now host of the Vivid Radio show “J-Spot” (Thursdays, 5-6 pm PT). In the interview, Jelena said that when she first got in the adult business, “I didn’t want to have sex with anyone.”  She began doing modeling, then girl-girl soft because “I actually hired the girl, just in case I didn’t like it and didn’t want to do it; instead, I loved it.”  She’s now focused on her “J-Spot” show, which she enjoys because every week she choses the topic to focus on. “It’s always fun to have someone in the studio to interact with. I was on yesterday and I was talking about oral sex...are you a giver or receiver, what techniques do you like? Almost everyone said they are a giver; just two guys said they are receivers, but they were also givers.”  

 AVN INTERVIEWS TERA PATRICK ON HER VIVID RADIO GIG – A recent interview by AVN with famed adult star Tera Patrick began with these tantalizing sentences: “One of the adult industry's top-tier entertainers, Tera Patrick hasn't been in a hardcore scene for several years, but she still has plenty of hardcore fans. Patrick was already on our minds this month with the release of the mainstream movie Live Nude Girls, in which she has a role, so we were intrigued to hear that she was returning to Vivid in September.Well, returning to Vivid Radio, that is—to host a month's worth of weekly radio shows at the studio where she performed as a Vivid Girl starting in 2003.”  In the interview with Iris Blocks, Tera said  her one hour guest hosting spots will be September 3, 10, 17 and 24, but she did not disclose any further details because she wants listeners to be surprised.  Asked what accomplishment she’s proudest of, Tera replied: “Being a mother and a good partner. I've won every award, traveled the world many times, make great money, but having a healthy beautiful loving family trumps everything.”  Noting that Tera has a degree as a registered nurse Blocks asked Tera if she “will ever work in the medical field again?” Her reply:  “Actually I don't rule it out. I still dream of working in a lab and finding cures for incurable diseases. Science is my first love and fascinates me, so who knows?”  

ALEXIS TEXAS IS ‘COVINO & RICH’ GUEST – Vivid Radio host Alexis Texas was a guest last week on the popular ‘Covino and Rich’ show on SiriusXM.