FOX TV COVERS VIVID ROLE IN ADULT INDUSTRY’S TECH ADVANCES – Fox TV stations around the country are airing a mini documentary on the “untold story” of the key role the adult industry has played in consumer technology advances. The lengthy “Fox Docs’ segment by reporter Lisa Evers began: “You may not realize it, but the adult entertainment industry -- love it or hate it -- has been the driving force behind some of the most common technological advances, everything from movies on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray, to on line credit card payments. X-Men XXX: An Axel Braun Parody is a porn parody by Vivid Entertainment, the production and distribution company Steve Hirsch founded in 1984. During his 30 years as a major player in the multi billion-dollar industry, Hirsch has been on the cutting edge of tech innovations that later became mainstream, such as the VCR.” Steven is quoted throughout the piece. Among his comments: “In our industry, unlike Hollywood, we have no red tape...We’ve done it all, seen it all, and we’ve watched the industry evolve to where it is today…You have to see what’s coming and do it first...Whether it was the VCR, where Hollywood wasn’t interested in putting their movies on tape, and then moving on to DVD Blu-ray and ultimately onto the Internet…The push for high speed modems and broadband was really from the adult industry initially because people wanted to see things faster…I don’t think there is any question that the adult industry sort of pushes technology along, probably more than their fair share.” Evers concluded her report by noting, “The technology advances show no sign of showing down.”

 XCRITIC AND VIVID SURVEY ON IMPACT OF FIFTY SHADES OF GREY -- A new online survey conducted by Vivid Entertainment and indicates the novel Fifty Shades of Grey has sparked more interest in the practice of BDSM, but still little inclination to try the rough stuff in personal relationships. Of the predominantly male survey respondents, 46 percent had tried some form of BDSM, but 54 percent had not. The survey results showed that the book had spurred curiosity to try BDSM in just 20 percent of its respondents while 36 percent had already tried it, but 44 percent had no curiosity about it. And just 24 percent know people that have tried BDSM while 76 percent know no one who has tried it as a result of the publicity surrounding the book that is scheduled to debut as a movie in February 2015. Of those respondents to the survey who had tried BDSM, 46 percent had tried bondage, 39 percent tried master/slave role playing and 21 percent tried flogging. And of those who say they might try it, 40 percent would want to be dominant partner while 23 percent would want to be submissive and 37 percent would want to switch back and forth between those roles. Nearly 48 percent of those surveyed said they had not suggested BDSM to their partner, while 21 percent were either curious or even enthusiastic about it, and just 10 percent said they “hate the idea.” Despite their reluctance to try it personally, 68 percent of the respondents believe Fifty Shades of Grey has made BDSM “more mainstream and acceptable,” compared with 32 percent who do not believe it has. 

 TERA PATRICK GUEST HOSTS ON VIVID RADIO -- Legendary adult superstar and former Vivid Girl Tera Patrick will guest host
her own one hour Vivid Radio call-in show this month. She began her gig September 3rd on from 4-5 pm PT and will also be on September 10, 17 and 24. Prior to going on air, Tera said that she’s thrilled that she can now be heard internationally through She’s excited about the opportunity to talk candidly with her fans and is ready to answer any and all questions from call-ins at 1-855-99-VIVID. While Tera has retired from adult films she is much in demand for personal appearances and her fans can still watch her movies on She recently attended a red carpet premiere for a mainstream indie movie she made titled “Live Nude Girls.” It was released by Screen Media Films this month and will be available on Xbox Exclusive and on DVD. Tera’s frequent personal appearances include burlesque shows, Comic Con and Wizard World shows. She also just attended her first ever Fetish Con Show in Tampa. The stunning brunette’s memoir, Sinner Takes All, was published by Penguin’s Gotham Books in 2010. She has also been busy finishing two more books scheduled for release in 2015.

  RAVERS DVD FEATURES KENTUCKY SWINGERS – The current issue of Ravers DVD, the popular British adult magazine, features the Phil Varone/Vivid release 100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory. The movie is headlined on the cover of the magazine, with a three-page article and pictorial inside. The headline on the story reads, “Time for Some Kentucky F*cky’ and the story begins: “This group explores orgies, sex trains and so much more that Ravers DVD thinks it’s a good idea