TMZ SAYS TAYLOR “READY FOR HER PORNO CLOSE-UP” - TMZ Sports reported this week about a visit to Vivid’s offices by Taylor Lianne Chandler, and the story quickly went viral. The headline on the story read: “Michael Phelps’ Alleged 'Ex-Girlfriend' Is Ready for Her Porno Close-Up.” The story read: “The formerly intersex woman who claims she was nailing Michael Phelps ... is on the verge of getting nailed in her first porno … Taylor Lianne Chandler is in Hollywood fielding an offer from Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch -- who tells us he wants her to star in one of those ever popular porn parodies. Taylor made headlines last month when she claimed she and Michael dated after meeting on Tinder. You'll recall ... Taylor was born with male and female organs, but says she's since had surgery.  We're told the proposed porn would be loosely based on their alleged relationship. Think, ‘When Harry Met Sally’ ... with way more nudity. And real sex.” The story was quickly picked up by media around the world, including Mstarz, OmniFeed, GossipBucket, GossipReporter, PopNationNews and many others.

 AIP DAILY INTERVIEWS VIVID RADIO HOST AIDEN STARR – has posted an interview with host Aiden Starr, who tells the website she’s a “lifestyle” dominatrix. Aiden (whose show is on Thursday and Friday from 4-5 pm PT) tells interviewer Christina: “I’m a lifestyle Dominatrix. I’ve always been into the lifestyle. I started as a phone girl in a dungeon and eventually started taking sessions.” She also says her show “is meant to be a chronicle of my adventures as a fetishist. I talk about my sessions, parties and shoots. I also do ‘creative’ interviews with hot girls that include fetish play. I’m interested in sexuality and expanding the horizons of my guests and my listeners.” Asked what she believes is the “biggest misconception about the adult industry,” Aiden replied: “That performers are solely sexual beings. I have many interests outside of porn.” She also says that her heroes include Ghandi, poet e.e. cummings, adult star John Stagliano and photographer Ian Rath.

 ROLLING STONE ONLINE ON THE “UNTOLD STORY” OF THE PAM & TOMMY TAPE –Rolling Stone Online currently carries an article by Amanda Chicago Lewis that tells the entire history of the making and marketing of the Pam & Tommy Hardcore and Uncensored: The Pamela Anderson Sex Tape. The Lewis story covers “porn, guns, the mob and one very disgruntled electrician: how the superstar couple's most intimate moments went global.” She relates how the tape came to be acquired by the Club Love website and how it’s owner, Seth Warshavsky, “worked out a deal with Steven Hirsch, owner of leading adult video purveyor Vivid Entertainment, to manufacture VHS, DVD and CD-ROM copies. By February of 1998, any horny or curious American could walk into an adult video store and pick one up. Over the next few years, they sold hundreds of thousands of copies. ‘It was a phenomenon, and it really helped catapult this company to the next level,’ Hirsch says. ‘We were just minding our own business, and this came along.’"   Image From Rolling Stone: “ The cover of the Vivid Entertainment DVD box for '’Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore & Uncensored’'