VIVID RELEASES 100% REAL SWINGERS: ALL STARS — Vivid has released 100% Real Swingers: All Stars, the latest in the series directed by and starring rocker and veteran swinger Phil Varone. For this film, the former Saigon Kick and Skid Row drummer traveled to California, Vegas, Kentucky, Tampa and Atlanta to experience intimate parties with the hottest groups of swingers in each state. Fans of totally uninhibited party sex of the type they’ve always dreamt about will particularly enjoy the film. For his first All Stars swingers movie, Varone has personally selected never-before-seen footage from the bacchanals in each state. Viewers get to judge for themselves as to which swingers create the biggest turn-on. Says Phil: “What’s better then having a bunch of swinger friends to the house for an all day sex party? Me filming it so you can watch it. This installment has familiar faces from many of the 100% Real swinger movies and was a sex reunion for all.”

 DOUG SAYS HE’S PROUD OF COURTNEY HANDLING OF SEX TAPE CONTROVERSY — Popular website says Courtney Stodden’s husband Doug Hutchison “is proud of the recent release of his wife's solo sex tape Courtney Uncovered: The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape…but not for the reason you might think.” reports: “’Court was faced with a difficult decision and I admire how she handled the situation - with grace and fortitude,’ Doug says. ‘She decided to cast a silver lining around the cloud. For the first time in the history of celebrity sex-tape scandals, Court decided she'd donate 100 percent of her end of the profits to charity. Given the amount Vivid offered, it's no small sum. This is an example of my wife's impeccable character and one of the reasons she has my heart.’ Courtney's gesture will benefit an unnamed animal rights group or children's cancer charity, but how did the video get out there in the first place? That part of the story has been pretty sketchy up to now.” also says “Doug is a Hollywood old-schooler, a go-to villain with decades worth of prestigious acting credits, like Lost and The X-Files, on his resume. Despite the generation gap between him and Courtney and her racy image, Doug says they're a pretty normal couple. ‘We both love snuggling in bed with our puppies and watching I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, and Leave It To Beaver episodes,’ he says. What? No Lost or The X-Files? ‘Believe it or not, Court had never seen my episodes on The X-Files nor saw The Green Mile before we met,’ Doug reveals. ‘She was a fan of Lost for a bit, but apparently stopped watching it only two episodes prior to [Doug's character] Horace Goodspeed appearing!’”

 MIMI FAUST BLASTS NIKKO AND MARGEAUX ON INSTAGRAM — Mimi Faust’s Vivid sex tape – Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta -- is back in the news, this time with a report on a new Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode. Says “Much of the season has been focused on the yet-to-be revealed ‘truth’ about the tape and who leaked it. However, the only truth Mimi is dishing these days is that both Nikko and his wife Margeaux are feeding off Mimi’s fame in order to fuel their own careers. Taking to Instagram just hours before the airing Monday night’s episode (Episode 8: ‘), Mimi posted a screenshot of herself just before her encounter with Margeaux… We think Mimi’s message is pretty clear: Nikko and Margeaux are just a couple of nobodies to her. But could these two have intel on the talked-about sex tape that can ruin Mimi’s career and credibility? Guess we’ll have to tune in the next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to see what comes out! A new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 airs Monday, June 22 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.”