COURTNEY STODDEN ON BLEMISH Pop culture site wrote this week about an Instagram sensation resulting from a new deck of pictures posted by Courtney Stodden. The story, with the headline “Courtney Stodden Kills it on Instagram,” also included a link to the site’s original article on the offer to her by Vivid chief Steven Hirsch that resulted in the best-selling Courtney Stodden Sex Tape. Blemish reporter Chuck Liddle wrote that “she saves all her talent for Instagram pics. Give it up for Stodden, she tries hard. You try standing out in Hollywood where hot, blonde girls are everywhere. How do you keep people’s attention? Pics like these.”

 NAKED NEWS ANCHORS ARE NEWEST VIVID RADIO SENSATION  Live daily segments featuring Naked News anchors are attracting new fans at The Vivid Radio hosts are interacting with various Naked News anchors in discussions of the sexy side of the news. Says Vivid Radio general manager Farrell Hirsch: “It seems to be a love match between the Vivid Radio hosts and the Naked News anchors.” One of the Naked News personalities featured frequently is Katherine Curtis, who is “a dedicated vegan nerd girl who loves dystopian lit, Geoff Johns’ work, Star Wars, Neil Gaiman, Strangers in Paradise, her PS3, Avatar comics, RPDs, geeking out, costuming at conventions” and hopes that she will “one day rule the world, in costume.” Naked News is billed as “the program with nothing to hide," providing its viewers “with real news, sports, entertainment, weather, lifestyle and pop-culture programming, all delivered by a roster of 10 attractive, intelligent women - who are completely naked.”

 VIVID MENTIONED IN LIL WAYNE SEX TAPE SAGA  The Internet was on fire recently with stories and a video of a sex tape starring rapper Lil Wayne. Whenever there’s buzz about a celebrity sex tape, Vivid becomes part of the story. TMZ reported on the Lil Wayne tape under the headline “Take down the Sex Tape; Or Else” and noting that “Lil Wayne is on a mission to make his sex tape disappear ... now with the help of his legal guns. Wayne's attorneys fired off a cease and desist letter -- obtained by TMZ -- to HollywoodStreetKing ... an urban blog that's been posting clips. Wayne's legal team is demanding the site to remove the video within 5 days, or else. As for what ‘or else’ means ... it's a lawsuit, dummy!” The back story was covered by many sites, including reporter Casey Mink, who wrote: “Brace yourselves. A video, which allegedly shows rapper Lil Wayne having sex with not one, but two women at the same time, has hit the web, and it is graphic. This one isn’t for the faint of heart. The much-discussed Lil Wayne sex tape may have just leaked, showing the 33-year-old allegedly having sex with two women while wearing nothing but a pair of white socks.” According to the stories, TMZ reported that “last month, Vivid Entertainment was presented with a four-minute clip of the Lil Wayne sex tape” and asked the rapper about it. Mink wrote that a Lil Wayne “rep made it clear that, ‘If someone sells a sex tape of me with my socks on, I’ll sue.’” So far no reports of legal action, although the story has received widespread coverage on sites including Inquisitor, BET, Hot991 and many others.