NICOLE ANISTON RETURNS TO VIVID GENTLEMEN’S CLUB IN HOUSTON Blonde bombshell, adult star and Penthouse Pet of the Year Nicole Aniston will make her triumphant return performance at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston on Nov. 19-21. The San Diego native hits the gym seven days a week and follows a vegan life style. She was raised on a horse ranch and worked as a bank teller before she began modeling and then performing in adult movies. Nicole was named Penthouse Pet of the Month in August of 2012 and Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2013. She was also selected as one of The Top 25 Hottest Stars for 2014 by “The adult industry taught me to be much more of a woman than I could ever have been in my life,” says Nicole, who loves to cook, camp, hunt and fish. She is looking forward to her return visit to Houston and noted, “I have a great time, every time I dance.” Fans will be able to meet Nicole, pose for snapshots with her and get her autograph when she is between dance sets. “Nicole performed for us a year ago and she was a huge hit. We are really happy to bring her back to our club where her fans can’t wait to see her again,” said Tom Jones, owner of Vivid Gentlemen’s Club. Vivid Gentlemen’s Club was named the city’s Best Strip Club 2015 by the Houston Press.

 COURTNEY STODDEN NUDE ON A RAFT  An Instagram photo of Courtney Stodden floating on a raft and wearing nothing but high heels made the list of “Best Celebrity Social Media Pics” in the New York Daily News last week. The caption on the Daily News reprint of the photo she posted read: “No clothes, no problem for Courtney Stodden.” There was coverage of the revealing pictures of the star of Vivid’s The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape on Scoopnest and other sites, including CloserOnLine, which also posted the pictures with an article that read in part: “We all know that Courtney Stodden doesn’t shy away when it comes to stripping off for the camera, and once again she’s bared all for her Instagram followers. The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate posted a daring snap of her relaxing next to her pool in nothing but her birthday suit and a pair of pink platform stilettos. Quite the eye-full for her 94,000 Instagram followers.”


 FANS OF ADULT MOVIES REVEAL HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT VR CONTENT A survey of adult movie fans on the subject of virtual reality (VR) reveals that the availability of porn movies would influence more than 60% of them to adopt the new technology. The survey was conducted by Vivid and online review site The survey indicated that VR is still in its infancy among fans of adult movies, with just 10.3% of respondents saying they currently own a VR headset. Of those who have headsets, the most popular brands are Oculus Rift, Google Glass and Playstation VR. Among those planning to buy a headset, about 44% said they plan to get a Playstation VR or the Microsoft HoloLens. Asked how much the availability of VR porn content will influence whether they get a VR headset, 44.1% said it will have “some influence” while 18.3% said “it’s the main reason I’d get one.” Porn availability would have no influence among 18.3% of the respondents and 19.4% said they have no plans to get a VR headset. Those definitely planning to purchase porn content numbered 34%, while 46.8% said they are not sure they will buy adult content and 19.1% said they definitely will not buy porn. Movies with a story line would be preferable among 41.3% of the respondents. Among those planning to buy VR porn, 58.2% said they would be willing to pay $20 for an adult VR movie, 24.2% said they would pay $30, 4.4% would pay $40, while 3.3% would pay $50 and 9.9% would pay as much as $60.