VIVID RADIO HOSTS QUOTED ON “THE HOLY GRAIL” FEMALE ORGASM Top pop-culture site this week went to the experts when it tackled “the holy grail of sexual experience” – the female orgasm. To “unlock the mystery” writers Jeremy Glass and Brenda Della Casa talked to women “who have a rich and varied history of having orgasms on camera” – Vivid Radio hosts April Flores, Aiden Starr, Mary Carey, Christy Canyon and Nadia Styles. April is quoted as saying: "An orgasm starts as a warm sensation in the center of my body. It spreads in waves and reaches the extent of my full body as it increases in intensity. It is like an earthquake of pleasure that fills my body with the best energy ever, and slowly dissipates and leaves me drained and happy." Aiden said: "When I cum it feels like being on the best drugs ever on a roller coaster in my most comfy pajamas." Mary’s comment was: "Your whole body starts shaking like it’s collecting energy. Like it’s sucking electricity out of the toaster if you’re in the kitchen, or the alarm clock if you’re in the bedroom.  And then you want to come but you don’t, and then you think maybe now, and then it doesn’t happen. And then when you’re not expecting it. BOOM! I would say it's like having to pee and finally getting to." Christy said: "When I can have a clitoral and vaginal orgasm together, it's the most euphoric feeling in the world; all 15 seconds of it. The feeling starts deep inside my pussy; I feel this deep, hard, long throbbing all through my pussy until my clit and lips throb and throb and throb. Then I get real hungry and need to eat." And Nadia observed: "The feeling is like relaxing on a secluded beach while a dozen fingertips slide everywhere on my body parts. I’m losing myself and at the same time I’m on a roller coaster.”

 ANOTHER VIVIDRADIO HIGHLIGHT this week featured a discussion between host Sam Phillips and Canada’s NakedNews anchor Eila Adams that focused on new mobile phone sex apps and new sex toys for men. During their discussion they discussed leading sex app Kindu, quoting an article that said: “We all have kinky desires, but bringing them up to the person we're boning isn't always easy. Not to mention, things can get real awkward, real fast during these types of talks. Kindu solves this problem the same way that Tinder eliminates the ability for people you're not into to contact you. The app suggests potential sex acts, and you and your partner separately swipe left on what you aren't into, and right on what you'd like to try. If you both say yes to the same scenario, you're both notified. And if both of you aren't on board, fear not -- your boo will never find out about that naughty nurse fetish of yours. Naked News anchors appear regularly on and on the SiriusXM app channel 791.

  “INSATIABLE” ASA AKIRA AT VIVID GENTLEMEN’S CLUB MARCH 24-26 Exotically beautiful and “insatiable” adult star Asa Akira performs at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club in Houston March 24-26. She’s the multi-award winning Japanese-American adult actress, director, model and author who has done a series of movies with “insatiable” in the title. Her memoir for Grove Press in 2014 was titled “Insatiable: Porn---A Love Story. Asa was born in New York City where, thanks to her grandfather’s status as a diplomat, she attended The United Nations International School. She spent part of her childhood in Tokyo before returning to the U.S. to live in Brooklyn starting at age 13. Her goal in life was to become an adult movie star and she has more than fulfilled her fantasy. She won a contract to work exclusively for a top studio and has been recognized as a superstar in the adult industry. In addition to her film work she enjoys feature dancing and is looking forward to visiting Houston. “I’m definitely an exhibitionist. I’m in love with being on display and in being the center of attention,” she says.