TOTALPROSPORTS CREATES TIE WITH TIM TEBOW AND VIVID IN APRIL FOOL’S PRANK broke the news on April 1st with the headline: “Tim Tebow Officially Retires from Football to Enter the Porn Industry.” The story by Andy Ruther went on to explain: “The sports and conservative Christian movement received some shocking news today. Former Heisman trophy winner, 2-time national champ, and Christian poster child Tim Tebow announced he’s officially retiring from football. For the last few years Tebow has bounced around the league after getting cut by the New York Jets in 2013. After his release he had short pre-season stints with both the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. During his retirement press conference Tebow also announced some unexpected news. He told reporters, “I’m officially retiring from football to enter the adult film business. For years I’ve received countless offers to enter the business and I think the time is right. I have an exclusive deal with Vivid Entertainment that will include 5 movies in the next year. The first movie begins filming next week… Tebow’s first film is set to break adult film industry records. Vivid Entertainment founder and CEO Steven Hirsch issued this statement: “For years Tim has balked at our offers, but we finally got him. His first film will shatter records and be seen by millions of people. Get your popcorn ready, because Tebow Time is about to take over computer screens everywhere.” At the very bottom of the story was this simple line: “*****April Fools!!!!” Reporter Ruther is described as “Comedian/Writer/Dirtball. Host of The Dirty Sports podcast..”

 SEX TAPE GETS PLAY AS MIMI FAUST INTRODUCES HER NEW ‘BOO’ – Mimi Faust is back in the news and many of the stories mention her Vivid Celebrity sex tape, Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta. Stories in pop culture media such as Wetpaint and discuss Mimi’s “jaw dropping” introduction of her new girlfriend Chris Gould on the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta show. In an interview with VH1, Chris says: “I don’t watch a lot of TV, period. The most that I knew was the obvious things, the sex tape and that she was on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” That was the main two things that I knew about her. The funny thing is I didn’t watch the sex tape until after we got together. I felt like I needed to see it because it was like the elephant in the room. I’m not going to lie to you, it was awkward. [Laughs].” 

 MORE KIM KARDASHIAN SPECULATION  Guesses about how Vivid’s Kim Kardashian/Ray J movie came about continue to swirl in the wake of a new book called “Kardashian Dynasty” written by author Ian Halperin. Among the headlines this week was one from “CONFIRMED: Joe Francis Brains Behind Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Success.” The article went on to say Halperin’s “source“ was confirmed by ShowBizSpy “as non other than Joe Francis the adult marketing genius of the Girls Gone Wild brand and long time friend of the entire Kardashian family and ‘cough, cough’ Paris Hilton. This information has now been double confirmed after our spies talked with an ex-employee Vivid insider that said: ‘Joe was the one that told Kim to make the sex tape after she was tired of being Paris Hilton’s shadow and wanted to somehow break away from just being her little party buddy. Joe was also the one that contacted Steve (Hirsch) directly about the video.’ He then goes on to say: ‘Kris was also right there the entire time to make sure everything went smooth with the deal, but Joe was the brains behind the entire deal.’” And an article on this week said: “No one is letting Kim Kardashian forget about her sex tape. The latest buzz says that both Kris Jenner and Joe Francis are responsible for the distribution of the controversial tape that gave the former fashion stylist a household name. Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was released by Vivid Entertainment in 2007. She then sued the company for $5 million, but the video was still distributed. Keeping Up With the Kardashians debuted in October of 2007 and the rest is pop culture history. For years, many have assumed that momager Kris Jenner was responsible for Kim Kardashian’s infamous 2007 sex tape with then boyfriend Ray J. The intimate video catapulted the socialite into overnight success. It’s called Kim K Superstar for a reason. It has been confirmed by ShowBiz Spy that Joe Francis is the “brains” behind Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. In an old interview with Oprah, Kim denied that she had any motive or involvement behind the sex tape’s release. She revealed that it was released without her consent, and that she’s still embarrassed by it to this day.” Note that the Kardashian family continues to state that there is no truth to these allegations.

 COURTNEY STODDEN PARODIES KARDASHIAN CLAN ran a story titled "Oh It is On (and it is HILARIOUS)" about Courtney Stodden posting her own photographic Instagram parody of Kylie Jenner and the entire Kardashian clan.  The story was teased on and when readers clicked on the post they got an added bonus of a portfolio of sexy Courtney photos from her Vivid sex tape Courtney Uncovered: The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape.

  VIVID CABARET NEW YORK HOLDS “GLOW IN THE DARK BIKINI PARTY  The entertainers at Vivid Cabaret New York City made news with a week-long “Glow in the Dark” party. The Vivid Cabaret girls wore bikinis and body paint adorned with day-glo colors. Assorted male-targeted media picked up on the story and featured quotes from the girls about how great the party was. The syndicated “All Adult Network” reported that “the club was packed on all three floors,” and that "Vivid Cabaret is so much fun.” The story on the event included this paragraph: “Kimbra, one of the dancers at Vivid Cabaret, is quoted as saying, ‘Vivid Cabaret is so much fun. I love when we have bikini parties. And climbing the giant pole while glowing in the dark — it was awesome. So many of the guys were making it rain on me.’" The next big event at Vivid Cabaret NYC is an April 9th big screen viewing party for the Pacquiao v. Bradley 3 boxing extravaganza.