LA DODGERS’ JOC PEDERSON IS JUNE’S PLAYER OF THE MONTH -- and Sports Overnight America (a Sports Byline USA radio show) have picked L.A. Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson as their Player of the Month for June. He will be honored and discussed on the two networks’ Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segments on Wednesday, June 22. Sports Overnight America host Gerrie Burke will talk about Pederson’s ball playing skills with Vivid Radio host Katie Morgan when he’s on her show, Having Sex, With Katie Morgan from 1-2pm PT.   Katie, well known for her nine seasons on HBO, will then appear on Burke’s show at 11 pm PT to discuss Pederson’s non-playing attributes. Says Farrell Hirsch, general manager of the Vivid Radio Network: “Pederson is the third current MLB player being honored by the radio shows. At 24 he’s also the youngest player we’ve recognized so far. We’ve been following his fast-rising career and hope our recognition will further charge his climb.” Burke comments: “I was a fan of Katie Morgan when she was on HBO and continue to watch her on VOD. Her girl next door looks, distinctive voice and incredible body are a matchless combination as far as I’m concerned.” Burke adds extra fun to each Vivid Radio Sports Spotlight segment by giving away some of Vivid’s best selling movies during his show.  Listeners can find all of the titles on

 HIP HOP VIBE INTERVIEWS NIKKI DELANO -- New Vivid Radio host Nikki Delano was featured this week in a “Hottie of the Week” interview by Hip Hop Vibe writer YRS Jerzy, who began his article, “Hard work goes into everything that is successful, people work very hard to do what they do. In the adult world, Nikki Delano has worked hard to look good naked and do all that she does with ease. These talents come following much effort. Nikki Delano is one of the most-recognized names in the adult industry and she is ahead of the game...she hosts The Nikki Delano Show on Vivid Radio.” Jerzy also urged his readers to “be sure to catch Nikki Delano hosting her show in the afternoons.” In the interview Nikki mentions her show several times, noting that it is a key part of a daily work schedule that includes web camming, feature films, social media and five non-adult related businesses. She added: “I really enjoy doing the Vivid Radio stuff. I am a great talker, and I bring the same vibe when it comes to my radio show.”

 HOSTS TALK ABOUT THE “DON’T’S” OF SEX -- The hosts from Vivid Radio and Naked News this week tackled another controversial topic – what ladies do NOT like in bed. Hosts Ashley Blue From Vivid Radio and Kat Curtis from Naked News discussed a recent post on the subject. They had fun talking about “some standard things men do in the bedroom that frankly don’t get any woman to their ‘oh-my-god, amazing!’ orgasm face.” They also covered the subject of what most men think works in the bedroom, but actually is way off from being a pleasurable experience. On the Myth vs. Realty scale, the top five were: (1) Myth: We Want You to Always Boss Us Around & Be In Control/Reality: We Want A Balance; (2) Myth: We Aren’t As Sexual & Don’t Want Sex As Often/Reality: We Want Better Sex; (3) Myth: If We Aren’t Wet, We Aren’t Turned On/Reality: We Need More Time To Get There; (4)   Myth: If You Keep Pushing, We’ll Give In/Reality: We Value Boundaries; (5) Myth: We Like Dirty Talk All The Time/Reality: We Like A Little. Ashley and Kat had particular fun with one comment from Anna, age 27: “Every woman is different and while I don’t like being called a ‘slut,’ some women do. Either way, sometimes it’s hot for a guy to talk about how turned on he is by me or how sexy something is or something kinky or dirty. What turns me off is when the dirty talk is so aggressive that it distracts me from getting turned on and into the moment. I once dated a guy who would say ‘louder’ every single time I showed reaction to something he did. It would always throw me off and kill my orgasm.”