HIP HOP VIBE INTERVIEWS AIDEN STARR -- Popular website reporter YRS Jerzy interviewed Vivid Radio host Aiden Starr recently. He reviewed her career, noting that “many consider you to be a legend,” and then wrote: “Aiden Starr also landed her own radio show, ‘Diary of a Dominatrix’ on Vivid Radio/SiriusXM. Aiden Starr is definitely one of the most-popular women in pop culture and Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to speak to her.” Aiden replied: “Man, it is a huge compliment. I really don’t consider myself a legend, because I know of so many legends who did it so much longer. A big example is (Vivid Girl) Ginger Lynn, she is one of the originators and she is an amazing actress. So, for anyone to consider me a legend, I say ‘thank you,’ because it is such a wonderful compliment.” YRS Jerzy spoke of her VividRadio show, asking if she is “pleased with the growth of the show and how does it feel to be a part of the iconic Vivid brand?” Aiden’s reply: “I am so honored to be a part of the iconic Vivid Brand. Being on Vivid Radio, which is also on the SiriusXM app channel 791, makes me feel like a brand ambassador for them. Combining my brand with their brand was huge for me, it was so enormous. It has been great having a show on Vivid Radio and I am the only host to have a dominatrix show with them. They took a huge chance with me, as this is my first solo show and I believe we are both pleased with the results of the show, I definitely am.” Speaking of her recent “Sports Overnight America” program on Serena and Venus Williams, Aiden said: “Typically, the (Vivid Radio) girls choose male athletes for the show, but with me being bi and preferring women, I chose the Williams sisters to discuss because I find them to be very hot, very attractive. I would say for both of the ladies, it is their lips and, believe it or not, it is their arms. I love the definition of their shoulders and their triceps, it is so sexy. I love, fit, curvy women. I think it is my favorite female body type.” The complete interview is available at exclusive-aiden-starr-talks-love- for-venus- and-serena- williams-diaryofadominatrix-sportsovernightamerica-guest- spot-work- with-vivid- radio-and- more/#more-224851.

 DIRECTV AIRS STEVEN HIRSCH “COMMERCIAL -- DirecTV’s “Fair Game with Brock Everett” – the late night sports news satire show -- filmed a humorous 9th.  The send-up was inspired by Steven’s widely publicized $100K offer to NBA star Draymond Green to star in a Vivid movie. Steven came up with the idea after Green “commercial” starring Steven Hirsch that ran on August inadvertently sent photos of his penis out on Snapchat, causing a big stir in the entertainment and sports media. In the video, Steven suggests three new film offers. One is “Tiger Woods -- The Legend of Shagger Vance,” which he describes as “the story of the caddy who whose only job is to keep the golfers happy and horny.” The second is “LeBron James -- Face Jam,” the story of an NBA player’s battle “to save earth against horny aliens from outer space.” And finally, he suggest “Shaquille O’Neal -- 3 in the Paint, 1 in the Taint,” which he says would relate “one man’s battle against diversity and horniness.” Steven invites stars to give him a call to start the ball rolling for making a world-class video because “after all, you’ve taken such good care of your balls, why not let us give you a hand?”

 VIVID RADIO AND NAKED NEWS ON GUY SEX TURN-OFFS -- Vivid Radio host Christy Canyon and anchor Eila Adams shared thoughts this week on some of the things guys do in bed that are absolute turnoffs. They agreed that #1 is when guys try for the back door too early. Their advice: wait until the girl specifically asks for anal sex, don’t initiate it without a strong signal. Another major turnoff, Christy and Eila agreed, is guys who are overly aggressive. The consensus: guys should be firm in making their moves, but balance it with being tender. Other turnoffs for women: guys who have poor hygiene (a fresh shower, shave, clean underpants and fresh breath can’t hurt), getting too aggressive early on with sex toys, guys who talk about their dreams of other girls, and finally: stay away from the “daddy talk” because it is waaayyy over-rated as something women like.

 Christy was also in the news this week, talking with Sydney Leathers about Donald Trump. reported:  Two indisputable sex experts, Christy Canyon and Sydney Leathers, will discuss what Trump would be like as a lover on Vivid Radio,  Leathers achieved fame for her involvement in a sexting scandal with former Congressman Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner and later recreated the scandal in a best-selling Vivid movie titled Sydney Leathers: Weiner & Me.  Prior to going on the air, Sydney said: ““I’m looking forward to discussing what kinks our thin-skinned, porn-hating, poorly spray-tanned presidential wannabe could possibly have. Believe me, I know how these guys are and Trump’s ego is definitely bigger than his tiny little hands. I’m pretty sure I’ve got his number and the texts he would respond to.”