RADAR ONLINE COVERS VIVID’S HOT RIO ATHLETE PICKS -- Radar Online carried a lengthy story recently on Vivid’s picks for the hottest U.S. athletes at the Rio Olympics. The headline reads: “A Simone Biles Sex Tape Could Get $500K!” The Radar Online says: “The 2016 Rio Olympics have the hottest athletes in the world all in one place and Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch revealed exclusively to who would be in his top 10, IF these celebrities ever wanted to release a sex tape. The most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, Michael Phelps, 30, was on the top of Hirsch's list and he told Radar that he believed the swimmer could rake in the big bucks with a sex tape, saying he would ‘command a minimum of $500,000.’ Simone Biles was a shooting star in Rio and Hirsch told Radar that she would be a big star in the adult video world, too. "Simone would also command a minimum of $500,000," he said. Stunning Maya DiRado, who won two gold medals, one silver and one bronze in swimming in Rio, also landed on Hirsch's list, as did Aly Raisman, the veteran at 22, who brought home the gold in Rio. Hirsch dished to Radar about his criteria for putting certain athletes on his list. He told Radar that a sex tape offer for her and others, ‘would vary based on the athlete. All of our picks are tremendous athletes and we're sure they are tremendous performers outside of their chosen sport as well.’

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  VIVID RADIO ON MAKING SURE THE LADIES GET OFF -- A recent research report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine studied the problem of why so many women fail so often to achieve orgasm during sex. That’s a question that immediately caught the attention of Vivid Radio host Christy Canyon and her guest on-air Naked News anchor, Madison Banes. They agreed with the main findings of a study of 866 women that found that nearly half said they had trouble climaxing during at least half of their sexual encounters. One finding is that younger women have more trouble achieving orgasm than older women, perhaps because they have less sexual experience. The best way to remedy this, say Christy and Madison: speak up and let your partner know what gets you off (and guys must be more assertive in asking the woman what she wants). About half of the women in the study complained they were not prepared psychologically, so Madison suggested the women try to find more intimate settings where they can feel more connected to their partners. The study also found that for nearly half of the women surveyed the problem might be as simple as being properly lubricated. “Duh,” said Christy, “if you want more lube, get it from a tube.”

 Christy also did a combo program this week with Naked News anchor Carli Bei. They had a great time talking about a favorite topic – their favorite sex toys. Carli, who was born in Southern Ontario and is of Chinese descent, noted that she was a competitive dancer for many years and still loves to dance, but loves her gig with Naked News. As far as sex toys go, she says, "the possibilities are endless.”

 CHRISTY AND SYDNEY TALK TRUMP -- Vivid Radio host Christy Canyon and Sydney Leathers, famous for sexting with then congressman Anthony Weiner, discussed recently what Republican candidate for president Donald J. Trump (and a couple other politicians) would be like as a lover. Of Trump, Christy said: “He would suck in bed. Did you see his tiny hands? No way he's packing.” When talking about former President Bill Clinton, Christy said: “He is pretty beaten to hell now, but if I had a time machine I would go back and f*ck him.” She was less kind when discussing two of the former Republican presidential candidates: “Jeb Bush? Well, nobody from that family is f*ckable. I'd do little Marco Rubio before Jeb Bush.” But Christy had this to say about President Obama: “I want him to be in my first interracial scene.” Sydney referred to Trump as a “thin-skinned, porn-hating, poorly spray-tanned presidential wannabe. Believe me, I know how these guys are and Trump’s ego is definitely bigger than his tiny little hands. I’m pretty sure I’ve got his number and the texts he would respond to.”

 KIM BACK IN THE NEWS -- did a comprehensive recap of the latest Kardashian news. Kim’s Vivid celebrity tape, Kim K Superstar: The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape played a prominent role in the story reporting that Kanye West has seen the photographs of rapper Ray J at his recent wedding to Princess Love and has been mocking Ray J to Kardashian insiders. The story added that “Hollywood Life reported earlier this year that Kanye is still bothered by Kim’s sex tape. It may have been released thirteen years ago, but West is still disturbed by the fact that countless men are watching a video of his wife having sex with another man, according to the report.” The Inquisitr story went on to report that “Meanwhile, Paris Hilton has come forward saying that she is at the top of the heap, because she was the one who made Kim Kardashian famous. reports that Kim’s former BFF Paris liked a social media post showing Paris photo shopped into Kanye’s ‘Famous’ orgy lineup. Paris can be seen alongside Kim and Kanye in bed, and the caption reads ‘I made his b**** famous.’ The report notes that Paris Hilton gave Kim her big break by allowing Kim to appear in Paris’ TV show, The Simple Life. Kim appeared on the show between 2003 to 2006, at a time when Paris Hilton was the most famous person in the world and Kim was her little-known busty brunette assistant. By 2007, Kim’s star was on the rise due to the leaked Ray J sex tape and the release of the first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Kim very quickly eclipsed Paris in the super-fame stakes.

 FARRAH MOVIE GETS NEW U.K. MEDIA ATTENTION -- London’s Daily Star wrote this week about Farrah Abraham’s sexcapades in an article that mentions her Vivid Celeb movie, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. The article reviews Farrah’s new book, My Teenage Dream Ended, which it says “is packed to the brim full of Farrah’s sex secrets. Farrah speaks about losing her virginity, having sex in public and becoming a mum at 16.” The story notes that as a teen “Abraham slept with a member of another school's basketball team. She soon felt upset for ‘going against my morals’ as she didn’t believe in having sex with someone she knew she was never going to be in love with. Obviously, she wrote the book before Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. So, it looks like Farrah hasn’t changed one bit since her teens, as she’s still just as raunchy as ever.”

 VIVID GENTLEMEN’S CLUB HOSTS “WICKED” TEXXXAS AFTERPARTY -- The Houston Press reported this week on a “wicked after party” held last Friday at Vivid Gentlemen's Club following Texxxas: The Expo in Houston. The Press story said: “Fantasies really do come true, and especially this weekend in Houston when luminaries from the adult entertainment world converged at TeXXXas: The Expo. Vivid Gentlemen’s Club – voted "Best Strip Club" by Houston Press in 2015 – hosted Friday's after party shindig, giving patrons an eyeful of both the new decor and its new no-latex policy up top. Saturday's closing party at Vivid Gentlemen's Club had a tiki-luau theme, which made for a little fun with all of the ‘getting lei'd’ jokes.”