LOTTA FLIRTIN’ GOIN’ ON WITH CHRISTY AND GERRIE -- Gerrie Burke and Christy Canyon appeared on each other’s radio show last week and  immediately started flirting. Burke is the host of Sports Overnight America a late night show heard on the Sports Byline USA broadcast network.  The topic was Patriots quarterback Tom Brady from the athletic side (Gerrie) and the sexy side (Christy), who is, of course, host of the Christy Canyon Show on They quickly established that each was single and available. Gerrie told Christy that the next time she was in San Francisco, where he’s based, he wanted to take her to dinner and, “When you come up here, obviously we’ll have dinner -- wine, tiramisu, everything -- and it’s on me.” Christy’s answer: “Feel free to track me down.”  Gerrie confessed, “my mom wants me to get married.”  Noting that Christy has “one of the prettiest laughs in all radio,” he also said she is one of the porn stars he’s always admired and that she’s “in that ilk of people that I’d also like to have a cup of coffee or a beer with.”  Getting down to her career, Christy said she got into the adult business three months after graduating from college. It was a “very positive experience and the  biggest surprise was  that I was so fortunate to be able to have the most amazing sex, and get paid for each scene what was a fortune at the time, and to learn about sex in front of a camera with the most amazing sex teachers.”  Almost all of her on-camera experiences have been positive, she said.   Gerrie replied: “You’re an adult film star legend and all around good egg.”  Christy’s reply, referencing their joint radio appearances: “You are so cute….  I got to have an afternoon delight with you and now I have a midnight affair.”

 AIDEN STARR TO APPEAR ON BUSTEDCOVERAGE.COM’S “MILK THE CLOCK” PODCAST -- Real life dominatrix Aiden Starr – host of popular show “Diary of a Dominatrix” – will be appearing on “Milk the Clock,” the podcast from sports website Here’s how BustedCoverage is promoting the appearance:  “Looking for a pair of bra-busting natural jugs and pouty lips attached to a woman that could give a fuck less about your most carnal urges and natural desires? Aiden Starr wants to show you how worthless you truly are, in the bedroom, and the boardroom… The baddest bitch in all of fem-dom porn will stop by the Milk The Clock podcast to discuss her career in porn, how it started her career as a self-employed producer, and why she likes ass-f*cking guys with 8-inch prosthetic cocks.”   The Milk The Clock podcast is described as “a loose cacophony of interviews with athletes, celebrities and others you didn’t know you wanted to hear from. The official podcast of popular sports website, MTC doesn’t ask the standard crappy questions that you’ve been desensitized into thinking are “good questions.”   Stay tuned for Aiden’s appearance date.

VIVID EXECS INTERVIEWED BY MAJOR MEDIA -- Vivid Vice President MarciHirsch was interviewed this week by the European broadcasting network RTL for a story that will air in Switzerland before the U.S. elections. RTL asked Marci for background on Vivid and what differentiates it from other adult companies. She was also asked about the evolution of porn in the United States, for her views on how Americans feel about it currently, and what she sees for the industry in the future. The interview is for a series about the U.S. to get a glimpse of different professional and social environments here through the lens of Vivid Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Vivid founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch was interviewed this week by the Associated Press about his position against Proposition 60, a proposal on the October 10th California ballot requiring the use of condoms and other protective measures during the filming of pornographic films though rigorous testing is already the standard of the industry. Dozens of activist and political organizations, HIV and LGBT Groups, leading newspapers and the majority of adult performers support Steven’s position. The AP article is scheduled to appear before Oct. 10.  Steven continues to do additional media interviews on this topic.